Alliance of British Drivers
As part of the HomeApproved objective of delivering a comprehensive online resource for UK motorists we can provide a review of The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD). Founded in 1992, The ABD was previously known as ‘The Association’ is a voluntary non-profit making organization funded by subscriptions and donations from members and the public.

They receive no funds from the government or from any companies, and so claim to represent the truly independent voice of the driver. Please visit the website of the Alliance of British Drivers. Or for general enquiries telephone: 01825 764 162. International: +44 1825 764 162.

ABD Objectives
The objective of the ABD is to provide an active, responsible voice to lobby on behalf of Britain’s drivers upon many issues, especially those where official policy in recent years has been to discriminate against drivers by means of mis-information, obstruction, restriction, delay, or taxation. Specifically, the Association campaigns for a return to the ‘Three Es’ of road safety, which it is claimed gave Britain the safest roads in the world:

1. Education
2. Engineering
3. Enforcement

The Alliance of British Drivers favour intelligent road policing by properly trained police traffic officers rather than blanket automated enforcement of only certain types of offence. There is a multitude of other issues which the ABD campaign upon:

1. Improved standards of training for all road users.
2. Improvements in road and vehicle safety.
3. Recognition of the fact that roads are an essential part of the UK transport system; and that traffic is the lifeblood of the economy.
4. More of the taxes paid by motorists to be used to maintain and improve our road system to a safe and proper standard.
5. Realistic speed limits based upon road safety requirements not political correctness nor revenue generation.
6. An end to speed cameras being used inappropriately.
7. Environmental policies based upon sound science rather than politics and hysteria.
8. An end to the government using drivers as an inexhaustible source of stealth tax, specifically no road tolls, nor ‘congestion charging’.