Electric Vehicle Insurance
Low quotes for your new UK electric vehicle insurance policy. More and more people are opting for EVs, not only because they are considered environmentally friendly, but they can also help keep costs down as fuel prices creep up:

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Electric Car Insurance
Low quotes for your new Electric Car Insurance comparison policy. The potential future market for this type of policy in the UK is enormous. There are an increasing number of motor insurance policies specifically designed to cover this type of battery powered vehicle(s).

Electric Van Insurance
Competitive UK Electric Van Insurance quotes that are sure to deliver a great policy, at an ultra competitive price. Policies will deliver the right level of driver and commercial EV cover for all types and size of business across the UK.

Things to consider when buying electric vehicle insurance cover
There are features of electric vehicle insurance you will have to think carefully about. Electric vehicles are charged using power cables, so you might want to check your insurer provides liability cover if yours causes an accident, for example, if someone trips over it. As well as covering the cables, adaptors and boxes for damage or theft.

With some brands, you can lease batteries instead of buying them outright to reduce the purchase cost of your electric vehicle. If you decide to do this, make sure your insurer knows and is still happy to cover you – you don’t want to find out you are liable only after the car’s written off in an accident.

What are the key differences between regular car and EV insurance?
When charging your EV, you owe a duty of care to members of the public that could trip and injure themselves on a cable. Make sure that you have adequate liability insurance cover included in your electric car insurance policy in case of this eventuality.

EVs are often less suitable for longer journeys than petrol or diesel cars, especially if the range is limited and the EV does not offer rapid charging capabilities; to mitigate this issue, some manufacturers include the use of a petrol or diesel car for a set number of days per year. When obtaining quotes, therefore, check if the policy includes sufficient cover for the short-term loan of a car in addition to the main electric vehicle.

If you lease your battery on a contract separate from owning the vehicle, it is important to make your insurance company is aware of this to prevent problems should a claim be necessary.