The Association of British Insurers
The ABI (Association of British Insurers) represents the collective interests of the UK’s insurance industry. Formed in 1985 when a number of existing industry bodies joined together, the Association speaks out on issues of common interest; helps to inform and participate in debates on public policy issues; and also acts as an advocate for high standards of customer service in the insurance industry. The creation of the ABI meant that all sectors of the insurance company market could now speak through a single organisation.

NOTE: The ABI is not an insurer, does not regulate insurers or mediate in disputes and cannot endorse individual products or services.

Statistical Analysis
The provision of Statistics is an important part of the Association’s work. Statistics are needed to support the Association’s representational and promotional work, as well as being a service in their own right to companies in membership. The Association collects a wide range of statistical information covering both general insurance, motor insurance and business from members who provide data on a regular basis.

The Association has around 400 companies in membership. Between them, they provide 94% of domestic insurance services sold in the UK.

ABI Motor Insurance Section
This section of the ABI web site details many aspects of car insurance and what you can expect from a UK motor policy. Specifically you can access guidance on how to reduce your premiums and the following important topics:

• What motor insurance does
• Things you may need to ask or think about when buying motor insurance
• Comprehensive and Third Party Policies
• Liability for injuries to other people, including passengers
• Policy Limits and/or Excesses, No Claims Discount
• Protected Discount policies, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance
• The Certificate of Insurance, The Policy Document, Cover Note
• What you should do if you have an accident
• What you should do if your vehicle is stolen
• Frequently asked Questions
• The Road Traffic Act, The European Accident Statement
• What Motor Insurers are doing to combat vehicle crime
• Safer Car Parking

Contact Details
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