Renew Car Insurance – Evergreen Contracts
Many products purchased by consumers come wrapped up with contracts which are automatically renewed on what are often referred to as ‘evergreen contracts’. Many UK car insurance companies are now heading down this road, following the route pursued by mobile phone companies for example.

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If your next motor insurance policy is soon due for renewal then it makes an increasing degree of sense to check the terms and conditions of both your current policy and the new quote you receive from a motor insurer.

Some motorists are now finding it increasingly difficult or frustrating to cancel their existing motor policy, with a small number facing further fees when they do manage to cancel. The Financial Ombudsmen Service says it has seen up to 400 complaints over a six month period this year, 2012.

Most of us assume that our car insurance policy is for 12 months. This makes sense as the cover lasts for 12 months. Right? Well in some instances – wrong! Some policies are for ‘continuos cover’, unless they are cancelled by the policyholder they simply rollover to the next year.

If you are in the position of having been covered for 9-10 months and are nearing the end of the 12 months cover, then it would be extremely wise to take another look at your policy terms and conditions. Stories are emerging of payments being taken from customers bank accounts after 11 months cover as payment for next year – even though you may not have ‘renewed’ your car insurance policy!

When you agree to take out a new motor insurance policy by telephone always ask whether the cover is taken out on a continuous basis and if this is not what you want tell them. Secondly if you take cover out on the internet then make sure to carefully read the T&C’s.

In defence of the insurers, they argue that they are finding increasing numbers of customers with busy lifestyles who forget to renew their cover. They argue that evergreen or automatically renewed car insurance cover is a way to ensure that motorists are always covered.