Bell Direct Car Insurance

Lower premiums for your Bell Direct Car Insurance. This provider specifically targets its policies and cover levels at drivers of performance and sports cars, young drivers, city residents and combinations of all high risk category motorists. Compare Bell Direct Car Insurance with all their competitors to see if they really can deliver the best value for money cover on the market.

Bell Direct Car Insurance Quotes

New Quote Line: Free phone: 0800 140 180
Customer Services: Telephone: 0870 549 2000
Claims Department: Telephone: 0870 549 2100
Renewals Hotline: Telephone: 0870 549 2200
Overseas Telephone: +44 2920 633544

Bell is part of the Admiral Insurance Group which was originally launched in 1993. As admiral tend to focus on insuring people who are traditionally seen as safer drivers, you can see the sense of utilising the Bell brand to concentrate on a different driver/vehicle niche. When quoting Bell will take into consideration your ‘safe’ driving history, number of previous infringements, and any prior claims.

This insurer has also move heavily into black box insurance. Plug & Drive Technology featuring a simple 12v in-car unit that you return to them after just 3 months, which can help many customers get an extra discount. Get a REAL discount after 3 months, just plug & drive – No curfews and no monthly mileage limit.

Comprehensive and third party fire and theft cover can include some or all of the following features and options: legal protection, guarantees on your no claims discount, replacement car when using an approved repairer, 24 hours a day accident and glass repair help lines, bonus accelerator policy, plus free European car insurance cover for up to 90 days.

Bell Direct car insurance quotes are especially good for those UK residents living in Scotland, London and South East England, so get a car insurance quote from Bell today to see if you could save money on your existing deal.

Post: Bell, Capital Tower, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff, CF10 3AZ.

Website Address: www.bell.co.uk (copy and paste into your browser bar).