Car Insurance Scams

Over the past 24 months the UK has witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of highly organised car insurance scams. In particular we have witnessed the rise in deliberate ‘accidents’, perpetrated by professional coordinated gangs of criminals. For further information please visit the website of the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

Waiting for the right moment these gangs will seize their opportunity to crash into innocent drivers in order to scam a fortune from fake insurance claims. It is reported that millions of pounds every year are paid out by insurers to these gangs of criminals making repeated false claims.

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Typically two cars will work in tandem, with one vehicle driving very slowly and close to the innocent car or lorry behind. When a third vehicle swerves in from of the 1st car causing it to brake suddenly the innocent driver is left with insufficient time and distance in which to brake and thus crashes into the car in front. The vehicle that swerved in to the path of the 1st vehicle (driven by another gang member) now speeds off.

Many innocent drivers suspect nothing is untoward because they have seen another car swerving in front of the motor(s) they have hit. Unknown to them, the driver of the second car is also a gang member. While the accomplice’s car speeds off, the lorry driver and “victim” exchange details.

The major motor insurers in the UK and the regulating Authorities are increasingly aware of these false claims. They particularly take note when there are a group of individuals in a vehicle that has been hit from behind. In these instances each gang member will make a personal injury claim perhaps up to £5000 each, massively increasing the potential pay-out from the unwitting insurer!

To sum up if you are out driving, particularly at night then make sure you always try and maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the car in front. If you feel uncomfortable that something might be about to happen – reduce your speed, whilst making full use of your mirrors and being conscious of other drivers around you.