Car Storage Guide
Proud owners of cherished vehicles often require specialist facilities for storing their cars. Their is a small number of companies in the UK who can deliver the right car storage package for your vehicle.

The car storage facility in the 21st century is a far cry from the days when the best you could expect was an unsecured, possibly open yard where the only protection for your car was a sheet thrown over. The best of today’s car storage providers are fully insured and can also deliver a wide range of associated vehicle services. We have listed below and provided a brief description from two such suppliers.

Offering a comprehensive range of services to suit any given car storage requirement. You can be confident that the specific needs of your vehicle will be met by this team who offer many years of experience. Situated on the Hampshire and West Sussex border, classic car storage are less than an hour from London. The ports of Southampton and Portsmouth, with frequent ferries to the continent, are each just 30 minutes away. They are also ideally situated for Goodwood (just 12 miles away), and Beaulieu (58).

AutoVault is a privately owned and managed prestige and classic car storage facility set in beautiful, rural countryside yet less than 50 minutes’ drive from central London and closer still to London Stansted airport. They hold full liability cover and will provide long term car storage, winter car storage, quality reception, valeting and other services for their customers. Facilities include:

• Dehumidification – Car storage protection and management against the harmful effects of moisture
• CCTV Surveillance – Storage security with visible video surveillance cameras
• Maintenance & servicing – The highest standard maintenance and valeting of stored cars
• Storage preparation and car transportation

When making an enquiry with a car storage provider make sure to ask about the availability of a fully insured transportation service for you and/or your vehicle to or from any location, interior valeting and bodywork care to keep your cherished vehicle in tip-top condition.