Child Passenger Car Safety
FACT: The most frequent cause of death among children is car accidents. Children travelling in a car who are not fastened with a seat belt, or who are not placed in a child seat, may be seriously injured or even die in a car accident.

An excellent source of information is the Child Car Seats website. Here you will be able to access the very latest guidance for many relevant child passenger safety issues and keep up to speed on the forthcoming Government regulations on Child Seat and Seat Belt Laws. (SOURCE: RoSPA):

• Carrying Children safely in your vehicle
• Child seat belts (choosing and using)
• Types of child seats
• Safety standards
• Local help and other country information

Transporting children (either your own or somebody else’s) in your car or vehicle carries an enormous responsibility which you should not take lightly Fortunately the overwhelming majority of individuals make sure that children use some kind of restraint when travelling on the road.

it is very important to know and understand the regulations and law governing the use of child car seats. Also which car seat is the most suitable, and when is the right time to start using an adult seat for a child. In the UK their are new regulations due to be announced in September 2006 governing the use of child car seats. We have provided below links to appropriate Government and commercial resources which will enable you and your family to be better informed.

Think Road Safety is a UK Government department that delivers invaluable advice and recommendations for Child Passenger Safety. Their is a fact sheet which details the most current statistics of child injuries and deaths on our roads, and also a useful tips section providing information such as – how to fit a child car seat properly.

Britax childcare is the leader in the UK child car seat market. This company has a passion for developing the safest travel for children in cars. Car seats save lives and Britax’s continued innovation and technical excellence ensure that their products are consistently produced to the highest quality. Britax is the only car seat manufacturer that makes its seats in the UK.

First-Aid Kit
Lastly make sure you carry a fully equipped first-aid kit in your car. This should contain everything you need for a child who’s hurt. Sterile compresses, crepe bandage, moist wipes, microporous plasters, dressings and a survival blanket, disposable gloves, a pair of scissors, tweezers, and safety pins. A complete safety kit including a warning triangle and safety jackets should also be considered.