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Over the years we have assisted many UK motorists in finding a new, cheaper or better value for money car insurance policy. You can like, follow, and share our business via social media on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

If you are actively searching for a new cheap car insurance quote, and looking to SAVE money on your next policy then click through to the HomeApproved home page and you will find the relevant get a quote buttons at the top of the page.

Our objectives for moving into social media marketing are several. Firstly we are receiving more and more visitors to our business online. This fact has prompted us to provide further platforms and means to enable motorists who are in the market for their next policy to find us more easily.

We believe we are able to offer clear and simple access to some of the best value for money car insurance deals in the UK, regardless of vehicle or driver profile. From seniors, lady drivers, students, learners right through to convicted driver insurance, our service covers all combinations.

Secondly, over the coming months we will utilise both the Homeapproved Facebook and Twitter pages to inform drivers on the juicy subject of new deals, offers and improvements/changes to insurers motor policies. If their is a new marketing initiative that enables you to pay less for your car insurance then it is our intention that you can find out about it first via Homeapproved!

Lastly, if their is any individual reading these pages who is an expert in developing commercial/business Facebook and Twitter pages then we invite you to get in touch. We have a part-time, home-based vacancy to help us develop our online business!