Click4GAP Car Insurance
Click4Gap GAP car insurance cover provides protection against financial loss due to the total loss of your car, from an accident, fire or theft. With this type of policy you can insure your car for the difference between the Insurer’s payout and the motor dealer Invoice value.

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Click through on the banner above to compare Click4GAP insurance quotes today. Obtain the most suitable vehicle cover and protection you require. Recognised as the UK’s original and best GAP Insurance for cars. Click4GAP, the most highly respected and trusted GAP Insurance company in the UK.

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Tel: 0844 357 8300. Maximum call charge from a BT landline is 5p a minute. Calls from other networks may vary. E-mail: email@click4group.co.uk.

This product has been in the Motor Industry for a number of years and sometimes appears in different guises i.e. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Vehicle Replacement Protection (VRP), or ShortFall cover. GAP is often used as a valuable addition to Motor Insurance Policies and offers a series of useful features and benefits:

• Up to 5 different types of GAP Insurance Policy
• Underwritten by major UK Insurers
• A range of car cover & pricing options
• Special schemes for different trades & occupations
• Bespoke quotes for higher risk drivers
• Premiums start from only £45.00
• Payout’s of up to £25,000.00

The product is available on all new and used cars listed in Glass’s Guide purchased on finance, with the exception of several high performance sports and luxury vehicles i.e. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce etc. Gap car insurance is worth considering in the light of some startling facts about car crime in the UK:

• A vehicle is stolen every minute – one in three are never recovered
• Over 500,000 vehicles become a ‘total loss’ each year – insurers valuations are less than than what you paid for your car
• Every day in the UK more than 200 vehicles are involved in serious accidents

There are also a number of conditions that need to be satisfied before you can be confirmed as a policyholder. By clicking the above ‘get quote’ image you are leaving our web site to enter the web site of Click4Gap.

Click4Gap is FCA regulated. Claims are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, a “statutory fund of last resort” set up under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 to compensate customers of “authorised financial services firms” in the event of their insolvency’.