ECO Friendly Green Car Insurance
Green Car insurance for eco friendly vehicles = better for the environment. You can now benefit from quality green car insurance that is both competitively priced and better for the environment. On top of that, fantastic customer service, as you insure with a company you can trust.

Green Car Insurance Quotes

Offset 20% of your car’s CO2 emissions* with ecoinsurance from The Co-operative Insurance. The UK’s first car insurance policy to help offset some of the damage your car’s CO2 emissions cause to the environment. We all know that vehicle emissions are bad for the environment – but until there’s a practical alternative to owning a car, there’s ecoinsurance.

The web site of the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), provides up-to-date information on New Car Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions Figures. The aim of the VCA is to inform and help buyers of new cars to reduce the impact of their vehicle on the environment. It is also possible to identify the vehicle excise duty and/or the relevant Company Car tax percentage of your vehicle, and the relevant bracket, based on CO2 level.

Climate Change often referred to as Global Warming, is considered to be one of the greatest environmental threats facing the world today. When petrol, diesel or certain alternative fuels are burnt for energy in an engine the main by-products are water and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Choose Green Car Insurance if you want to save more than just money. Here are some other reasons to go eco-friendly:

• Competitive Premiums
• Offset 20% of your car’s CO2 emissions
• Comprehensive cover
• Option to add on legal expenses
• Knowledgeable and friendly staff
• Be treated as a person not a number like most call centres.

Carbon Dioxide, although not directly harmful to human health, is the single most significant of the greenhouse gases contributing to Climate Change. Cars make a significant contribution to overall emissions of CO2 in the UK. Additionally and especially in urban areas, road transport is also one of the major sources of Emissions which are harmful to human health.

There is no easy technical way to deal with CO2. The best way to reduce it and the other emissions is to use the car only when necessary and to walk or use public transport where possible. When you are choosing a vehicle and you have selected the most appropriate class of vehicle for your needs, choose the most fuel efficient vehicle in that group. The fuel consumption of similar size cars can vary as much as 45%.

*Based on an average passenger car with average annual mileage. Please refer to the policy documents for full details.