More Than Breakdown Insurance
First class, low rate More Than breakdown insurance provided by the RAC. You can choose your cover level, according to your budget and motoring requirements. MORE TH>N offers you 4 different levels of cover (see below for further information).

More Than Breakdown Cover

Telephone Contacts
Breakdown Helpline – 0800 300 988. If you’re calling from your mobile, you can use our local rate number: 0151 24 000 99. Hearing impaired customers requiring breakdown assistance please text your registration number to – +44 (0) 7624 808324.

Roadside Assistance, Recovery, Homecall and European Assistance
This is their optimum level of cover and offers you complete worry-free protection wherever you are driving. It includes all the benefits of the other cover levels both in the UK and abroad. This includes help when you break down on your driveway, on the road in the UK and even when you’re driving in Europe.

Roadside Assistance, Recovery and European Assistance
As well as the benefits of Roadside Assistance, More Than will take your car home, to a garage or to your destination. You can then choose to continue your journey by hire car. If your car needs to be garaged overnight emergency overnight accommodation can be arranged for you and your passengers. It also includes assistance when you’re driving in Europe, making your European holiday a less stressful experience all round.

Roadside Assistance and Homecall
This gives you protection both on the road and right outside your house and includes all the benefits of Roadside Assistance plus emergency assistance if you break down at home or within 1 mile of your home address. This option gives you RAC help by the side of the road if you break down in the UK and it also allows to get RAC help if your car won’t start when you’re at home.

Roadside Assistance
Their entry level of service and is ideal if you just intend to drive locally. Provides a basic level of cover at an affordable price. Roadside assistance is provided – so long as you are over 1 mile from your home address.