Motor Legal Protection
Adding Motor Legal Protection (MLP) to a UK car insurance policy will provide the policyholder with the reassurance that should legal action be required to recover a claims excess, loss of earnings, and damage to personal belongings following a non fault claim, for example, the policy can be invoked.

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Similarly, if you are at fault following a road traffic accident a legal expenses insurance policy could provide cover to defend an action brought about by a third party. Uninsured losses can include the following:

• Personal injury cover for medical expenses and fees
• Loss of earnings
• Out of pocket expenses
• Compensation if you are injured and compensation for your family if you are killed
• Repair costs if you do not have comprehensive insurance cover
• Recover your excess if you are not at fault for the accident
• Reasonable hire charges for a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired
• Compensation for you not being able to use your vehicle
• Compensation for damage to your clothes, luggage or personal belongings
• A replacement vehicle if the car is un-roadworthy or away being repaired following your car being immobilised after an accident that is not your fault
• 24 hour legal advice and emergency claims line, 365 days a year

Taking out MLP cover with your car insurance policy can save you the inconvenience of managing troublesome aspects of your claim and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Most motor insurers, brokers or intermediaries offer legal expenses protection as an optional extra for an additional premium or as part of their comprehensive or third party insurance package. The scope of cover in both the UK and Europe and the limits applied will vary according to the provider.