Cheap UK Car Insurance 2020

No Claims Discount (NCD)
If you are currently looking to switch your insurer, then you will probably be aware of the term No Claims Bonus or Discount (NCD). These two terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing. First time drivers need to make themselves aware of the potential benefits and savings to be claimed by accumulating a maximum no claims discount.

No Claims Discount

Click through on the ‘Get a Quote’ button above to compare no claims discount car insurance quotes from over 100 of the leading UK motor insurers, and obtain the most suitable fully featured cover and protection you require. The Quotezone click and compare service is entirely free to use. It is a totally independent and impartial insurance comparison site, already helping over 1 million drivers across the UK to get the best deal.

Competing motor insurers in the UK will offer substantial discounts for those policyholders with claims-free records. The actual level of discount varies according to the class of vehicle insured and driver profile. Motorists with over 4/5 years driving experience with no claims, can often claim a reduction of up-to 55-75% over the standard policy premium.

Compare a variety of different leading UK car insurers to ascertain who can deliver the best no claims bonus and provide the best value for money cover on the market. Drivers just starting out on their motoring journey can examine the deals from insurers offering accelerated policies. This is where the policyholder can earn bonus in 10 months rather than 12.

In general the maximum number of no claims bonus years you can claim is 5. Some insurance companies will deliver further discounts for up to 6/7/8 years claim free driving but this is rare. Drivers can’t share a NCB earned on one car between two cars. Even with a maximum NCB it is worth shopping around to assess offers and deals from different insurers, as each provider will calculate it’s underwriting in a slightly different way.