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*51% of consumers could save £491.91 on their Quotezone Modified Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from January 2023. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

Quotezone Modified Van Insurance
A Quotezone modified van insurance quote is sure to deliver a great policy, at an ultra competitive price. Modified commercial vehicle policies that will deliver the right level of driver and vehicle cover for all types and size of businesses and individuals across the UK.

Click through on the ‘Get a Quote’ button above to compare modified van insurance quotes from Quotezone. View premiums from specialist and leading UK modified commercial vehicle insurers and brokers, and obtain the most suitable fully featured cover and protection you require. The Quotezone modified van insurance click and compare service is entirely free to use for all UK van owners. It is a totally independent and impartial insurance comparison site, already helping over 1 million drivers across the UK to get the best value for money premium.

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97% of reviewers recommend Quotezone

Quotezone Modified Van Insurance Quotes
Quotezone increases your chance of finding a great deal by searching the market for you. Purchase your van policy quickly and easily, monthly and annual payment options available. Save time and money, get your quotes by filling in one simple form, compare prices, and start saving. Join Quotezone’s over three million users and ever-growing list of satisfied customers today.

What is modified van insurance?
New spoilers, new paintjobs, modifications to seating in the rear and new alloys – whatever the change, modifications can improve your van’s performance and can increase your insurance premium. So modified van insurance is essentially cover that takes modifications and alterations you or others have made to your van into account, tweaking the cost of your premium accordingly.

Can I find cheaper modified van insurance through Quotezone?
Yes, quite possibly! Firstly, do not automatically accept your insurance provider’s renewal quote without using an insurance comparison website like Quotezone to compare quotes from a range of insurance companies, because you will often be able to find a much cheaper quotation than your renewal price. Note: Some companies restrict cover to clients based on the UK mainland only. Taking a van to the continent requires additional insurance cover to be in place.

Why does it cost more to insure a modified van?
According to van insurance companies some vehicle modifications can make the van a higher insurance risk, either because they increase the risk of an accident or they increase the risk of theft. For example, engine changes or other performance enhancements could increase the chance of the driver being involved in a road traffic accident, while signage can increase the risk of the vehicle being targeted by thieves because it could lead them to believe there might be valuable tools inside.

In addition, some modifications, such as refrigeration systems or specialist paintwork, can result in a higher insurance claim if the vehicle is ever involved in an accident, even if they don’t increase the likelihood of that accident actually occurring. Also, since the weight of the van is one of the factors used to determine its insurance group, some modifications, such as installing roof bars or fitting a tail lift, could increase the cost of your modified van insurance by adding enough weight to push the van into a higher van insurance group.

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