Road Journey Online Route Planners
Not everybody has the benefits provided by the latest in-car sat-nav systems. If you are travelling to a new destination or place that you are unsure of the route or location, using one of the excellent online route planners could save you time and money.

Here, we review the online route planners provided by The AA, RAC, and Green Flag. You can use any of the aforementioned to assist you in configuring the quickest and/or shortest route possible, according to various factors i.e. time of day etc.

AA Route Planner
You can Search for a Route with the AA route planner using street or postcode, town, city or place of interest (e.g. sports ground, hospital, train station, airport). Get driving directions and a detailed map of your journey from start point to destination.

RAC Route Planner
The RAC Route Planner gives you more than your average route plan. Utilise a comprehensive set of features, designed to ensure you have the smoothest, safest journey possible:

• See turns step by step
• Label your own map
• Plan pan-European routes
• Zoom around and measure Europe

Green Flag
Know where you’re going but not sure how to get there? The Green Flag Route Planner can help. Simply give them the information they need and Green Flag will suggest either your shortest, quickest or recommended route. It’s that easy!

This will show you the recommended route, in miles, with simple text directions. You can customise the results by adding more stops on route, selecting the shortest, quickest or the recommended route, avoiding certain roads or tolls, even getting an estimate on your fuel consumption!

Knowing your route before you set-off is vital in order to minimise the possibilities of having an accident. Without the use of an audible in-car satellite navigation system, fumbling around in the vehicle looking over an A4 road map is tantamount o disaster. Not to mention heated arguments between you and your passengers!.

Limitation of liability
When using any of the route planners given above, HomeApproved recommends you also refer to a road atlas. Locations of hotels, guest houses and other attractions plotted on route planner maps are approximate only and may be updated without notice.

Each of the four providers listed above try to ensure the accuracy of all content, however, no liability is accepted for use made by you of the content. The content of each site (AA, RAC, and Green Flag route planner) should only be used for information purposes. It is not advice and you should not rely on it to make (or refrain from making) any decision or take (or refrain from taking) any action.