Short Term Temporary Car Insurance
Access to the leading low-cost short term car insurance policy. Quick and easy to buy online, you can print off your documents the moment your transaction is processed. Get covered today. Compare temporary car insurance policies, and obtain the most suitable fully featured cover and protection you require. Online Comprehensive short term cover featuring:

• Instant cover from 1-28 days
• Drivers aged 19 to 75 years
• Insure yourself on a different car
• Insure someone else on your car

Most car insurance policies will cover you for a year, but sometimes you may need car insurance for a much shorter period. Temporary car insurance is defined as cover lasting between 1 and 28 days, or monthly (from one month to six months) which allows you to choose when you need it and how long you need it for.

This type of protection is specifically designed to deliver the optimum level of cover over a pre-determined, short period of time. There are various instances in which you might require a short term temporary policy:

• Temporary additional drivers (including overseas visitors)
• Use of another vehicle without risking your No Claims Discount (NCD)
• Additional vehicles to be covered for short period
• Unaccompanied vehicle demonstrations
• Use of a courtesy car (perhaps whilst your main transport is repaired)
• Lending a vehicle to a friend or relative
• Immediate cover for driving off a forecourt after purchasing a vehicle

You can select either a third party policy through to fully comprehensive. Cover can be for between 1-28 days. This policy is available to buy online. Most drivers are accepted and payment is by a secure credit/debit card transaction. Be sure to take note of the exclusions and excess stipulations of this type of motor insurance.

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