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2023 – Post Covid – Car Insurance Questions and Options

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we were all told to not travel unless the journey was completely essential. This meant that many millions of UK motorists were not on the roads anything like for how long they would normally be. Be it a work journey to the office or to see clients or purely just social miles, the car left the garage hardly at all during these times.

This has lead to a lot of drivers questioning whether it is possible to get a refund or reduction in their car insurance premiums for the non-use of their motor vehicle during these times. Dont forget these were restrictions enforced on us by the UK Governement, this was not a voluntary choice by the motorist to stay off the road.

Because, one assumes your motor premium is in part calculated by the estimated number of miles you will be driving that particular year, surely as you were essentially forced to stay off the road your car insurance premium would be reflected accordingly – i.e. a lower price. This is because theor waas a much lower risk of you having an accident and making a claim with your insurer.

The answer is often dependent on the details of your specific car insurance policy. Whereby a change in one or more aspects of your car’s use as a result of the lockdown could make you eligible for a partial refund on your premium, whether it’s paid monthly or annually. Please note that this will depend on the terms and conditions of your policy and who your motor insurer is/was during the pandemic.

A spokesperson for Direct Line Group has stated “During lockdown, a large proportion of customers will change the way they use their cars, and driving less frequently is an example of this. If a customer believes that their mileage will be a lot lower than originally estimated at the start of their policy, they can contact us and we can process a refund. As long as you’re reducing mileage by at least 1,000 miles per annum and you’re not already on a particularly low estimated annual mileage, a refund will generally be available.”

Good news then, for some at least! It is worth checking whether you are entitled to some amount of refund, particularly in these tough economic times.


Reporting Your Medical Conditions on Your Car Insurance Policy!

Drivers must report 10 medical conditions – including the use of some medications – or their UK car insurance may be void. Motorists have been warned to they have to inform the DVLA if they have any condition that could prevent them from getting in the driving seat.

Quotezone.co.uk experts have pinpointed a list of conditions that could prevent drivers from legally being on the road or could invalidate their insurance and leave them unprotected in an accident. Penalties for not declaring a medical condition can include a £1,000 fine and the risk of prosecution if the driver is involved in an accident.

Taking all precautions to be safe on the road is extremely important and drivers must play their part to ensure their wellbeing and the wellbeing of other road users is protected to the best of their knowledge. The DVLA has an extensive list of over 110 conditions that can affect driving, so some motorists may be unaware of all of these conditions or the extent to which they can affect driving ability. The 10 medical conditions you must disclose to the DVLA are:

Sleep apnoea
Heart conditions
Eye conditions
Seizures and epilepsy
Syncope (a condition that causes a temporary loss of consciousness).
Certain operations ( operations on certain body parts, including your legs for example).
Driving on medications


Ford Motor Co. Launches Hands-Free Driving on UK Motorways!

Ford Motor Company drivers will legally be able to take their hands off the wheel on the move after its BlueCruise technology has been approved in the UK. UK Government Ministers have approved the “hands-off, eyes-on” technology for use on certain motorways.

It can control steering, acceleration and braking but a camera will monitor a driver’s eyes so they stay alert. The technology will only be available for 2023 models of Ford’s electric Mustang Mach-E SUV at first. It also means the model can keep a safe distance from other cars and even bring them to a complete stop in traffic jams.

Thatcham Research, an automotive research firm, said it was important to note that this is not a self-driving car but is “the next development in assisted driving technology”.

Ford’s vision for the future just accelerated with Ford BlueCruise†, their latest innovation in Advanced Driver Assistance technology – the first of its kind in Europe. Mustang Mach-E owners can now enter a new era of mobility, and be the first to experience L2 hands-free driving in designated ‘Blue Zones’.

Over 95% of the UK’s motorways are designated Ford Blue Zones, where Ford BlueCruise can be activated upon entering. With automatic updates enabled and completed, your vehicle will have the latest Blue Zone routes. The future of driving, completely free of charge. All Mach-E vehicles built from 2023 are eligible for a 90-day free trial of Ford BlueCruise, worth £17.99 per month.

Ford Motor Company has rigorously tested this Ford BlueCruise technology, including racking up over 100,000 driving hours and consulting the authorities, for your peace of mind.