Vehicle Accident Kit
The vehicle accident kit is essential for anyone who drives a vehicle. The best kits contain everything you will need to record details if you are involved in a motoring accident, personal safety clothing, and instruments for applying basic first aid.

One of the first kits widely available was from a company called CRASHMATE®. Their Accident Evidence kit was first conceived in 1996 by the company’s founder Sue Glenn. With a background in dealing with litigation over disputed Road Traffic Accident insurance claims, Sue realised just how much time and money was being wasted due to the lack of information provided by claimants. The Crashmate Vehicle Accident Kit can be put in the glovebox and retails at under £10.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) there are over 26 million vehicles on UK roads and one road traffic accident occurs every two minutes. Furthermore, one in eight drivers will be involved in a car crash this year.

A vehicle accident kit might not be high on your Christmas wish list but in the event of an accident it could be the best purchase (or present!) you ever received. Each kit often contains:

• Disposable Camera
• Tape measure with mm’s and inches scale
• Crayon (for marking vehicle positions on road)
• English language motor vehicle accident form with pen
• Protection outside of the vehicle, a Hi-Visibility vest

If you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) it is wise to be prepared to do everything necessary including recording the circumstances properly. Particularly in the light of the recent growth in illegal Car Insurance Scams often perpetrated by gangs the length and breadth of the UK.

At the Scene of an Accident
If there are injured parties you must call an ambulance and contact the police. If you attend an injured party make sure you are not endangering yourself or others unnecessarily. Make sure you and others are in a safe place to record the accident details. Obtain witness details and statements where possible. Also:

• Do not admit liability
• Do not get annoyed (no road rage)
• Be polite
• Stay calm

If necessary place your warning triangle in a sensible place to warn other motorists there is an obstruction. Record as much information as possible.