2024 Young Driver Car Insurance
Young Driver Car Insurance which is cheap, exclusive and delivers access to insurers and UK brokers delivering years of sector expertise. Offering you the best policies at some of the lowest premiums on the internet.

Young Driver Car Insurance

You could save up to £504*

*51% of consumers could save £504.25 on their Young Driver Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from September 2023 data. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

Click through on the ‘Get a Quote’ button above to compare young driver car insurance quotes from over 110 of the leading UK motor insurers, and obtain the most suitable fully featured cover and protection you require. The Quotezone click and compare service is entirely free to use. It is a totally independent and impartial insurance comparison site, already helping over 1 million drivers across the UK to get the best deal.

Younger motorists are increasingly finding themselves facing exorbitant premiums. In past years, youngsters driving modified or performance cars would expect their new young driver policy to reflect this and pay over and above the norm for their new motor policy.

However, motorists under 25 years of age reading this will know that the reality today is a completely different story! The challenge facing teenagers and young drivers insuring even the most basic 1.0l vehicle is to find a premium within their budget!

Severe rises in UK young driver car insurance premiums across the board have even deterred some young male drivers from obtaining cover (even in its most basic form – third party cover for example).

Nearly all UK providers will load their quote to reflect the statistically (high) risk of insuring new, inexperienced and younger motorists. OK, so the next obvious question facing many is how do we try and lower our premiums and most importantly – drive safely on the roads?

Car Insurance for Under 25’s
Without doubt the current situation of rising quotes for young driver motor insurance is leaving many younger motorists in a perilous position. Whilst many still aspire to the best car they can afford the necessity of comprehensive motor insurance is potentially becoming an expensive after thought!

It is important that under 25’s obtain the highest level of motor cover possible. The statistics are clear that a higher rate of accidents involve young drivers. The thought of increasing numbers of under 25’s driving around with minimum levels of car insurance cover or even no insurance is troubling.

One possible idea is that of ‘Group Buying Car Insurance’. If under 25’s with similar driver and vehicle profiles could get together then the possibility of obtaining preferential rates could be a reality.

Firstly, as a young or new driver you must take a look at the Pass Plus scheme designed by The Driving Standards Agency (DSA). When you have successfully completed your Pass Plus training course you’ll be sent a Pass Plus certificate. You will be able to use this certificate to claim your motor insurance discount.

Another great way to lower your next premium is to apply for black box insurance. With the new EU law coming in to force at the end of 2012, this type of technology is going to become increasingly relevant in helping young drivers obtain lower quotes.

It is a fact that it is a lack of driving experience not your age that causes many new drivers to crash within the first six months of gaining their precious new (full) driving licence. A terrific resource for youngsters can be found on the RoSPA website – a great place to start reading about becoming a safer driver. Last but by no means least, it is imperative that when:

• You have found a suitable (sensible) vehicle with a low insurance group, and
• Obtained the correct young driver policy.
• You embark on a career of sensible and safe driving.